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Whether you need a gas fitting or are experiencing a gas leak, our team of qualified experts are ready to assist you. Whyte Mechanical & Heating provides professional heating system maintenance, repair and installation for a variety of heating systems.

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Upgrade Your Outdoor Space With Our Gas Installation Services in Vancouver

Enhance your outdoor living space and create an oasis for your friends and family. Vancouver’s weather gives us an extended season for outdoor entertaining and our team at Whyte Heating & Plumbing aim to bring warmth and comfort to your home.

Fire Pits

Our fire pits add ambiance to any outdoor area, even the balcony of your apartment. All you have to do is select the best type of outdoor fireplace and we will do it all for you. We offer many styles of fire-pits with variable settings so you can create the perfect flame.

Patio Heaters

Stay outside longer with a gas patio heater. We can install fixed-mount or portable patio heaters with a contemporary design that blends in.


Need a connection box for your barbecue? We provide gas hookups for your BBQ so you can grill all season long.

Outdoor Kitchen

Whyte Mechanical & Heating technicians can install, service and repair all gas and water lines you need for your outdoor kitchen.

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We Service All Heating Systems

When choosing a heating system it’s important to consider energy efficiency, cost, space and water usage. Our team of experts can answer any questions and suggest a heating system tailored to your home.

Gas Boilers

Whyte Mechanical & Heating provides gas installation, service and repair to the communities across Metro Vancouver and its neighbors including Kitsilano, Shaughnessy and Point Grey. Gas boilers are an energy efficient way to heat your home and decrease your utilities bill. Gas boilers are a great alternative to forced air heating systems for those who suffer from allergies. Older boilers only run at full capacity, therefore it turns off and on to provide surges of heat. Whereas a new boiler can give you constant heat throughout your home quietly with more energy savings.

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Combination Boilers

Combination boilers combine space heating and a hot water supply in one appliance, a great option if you need to save space. This type of boiler can provide hot water on-demand and can seamlessly switch between water heating and space heating. It has low running costs since you are not paying to continuously heat water in a tank, making it a well-rounded heating system for your home.

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Tankless Heaters

Tankless water heaters can be the size of a suitcase and can fit nicely into your home. They can provide heat to the entire house or they can be fixed under a sink to provide hot water to only one fixture. They offer hot water on-demand and have a long lifespan of up to 20 years. Since you’re not paying to constantly reheat water, your energy costs are significantly lower when choosing an electric or gas tankless water heater.

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Electric Water Heater

Electricity powers your home and now it can power your heating system. Electric water heaters provide efficiency, outstanding performance and reliability. They are quick and easy to install as well as a cost-effective option. This type of heater is designed to maintain water temperature and provide hot water on-demand at all times.

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Hear From Our Grateful Clients

I have worked with Conor and his team on multiple projects around Vancouver. They are punctual, honest, and care to educate their clients about their current plumbing situation and how to fix it. Whyte Mechanicals' quality of work is exceptional, and I recommend them to any of the contractors or colleagues we work with daily.

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Hear From Our Grateful Clients

Whyte Plumbing was hired by my landlord to fix a blocked pipe in our rental house. We have had numerous issues in the past with plumbing so I knew we needed a plumber that had a bit more experience and professionalism.

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Hear From Our Grateful Clients

Whyte Plumbing did 2 jobs for me in my apartment: installation of multiple faucets and replaced & installed new shut off valves in the laundry closet. Helped me to setup and install my new stacking laundry appliances too. Very professional, easy to deal with, great & fair value for amazing work. Highly recommended, will definitely use again if I ever need any plumbing help in the future.

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Whyte Mechanical & Heating technicians are fully-licensed gas fitters and contractors in British Columbia. We handle installations of fire pits, poly-b pipes, barbecues, patio heaters, gas ranges, gas fitting, and new gas lines. We are available 24/7 for any gas leaks.