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You want to trust experienced plumbers when it comes to plumbing in Vancouver, BC. The team at Whyte Mechanical & Heating are backed by years of experience in the trade and have a drive and passion for plumbing.

Plumbing Services in Vancouver

Fixing Your Plumbing Issue Has Never Been Easier

No matter what the plumbing problem, Whyte Mechanical & Heating can provide a solution in different areas of Vancouver. This is where our years of experience comes into play to offer our repair and replacement services.

Leaking Pipes

Do not try fixing this issue on your own, call Whyte Mechanical & Heating and bring in the experts to examine the leak.

Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be frustrating and sometimes there’s a deeper issue. We offer drain cleaning services and provide you with preventative solutions.

Poly-B Replacement

Poly-B pipes are known to leak. Hidden behind drywall, a leak is often only discovered when its tool late.

Low Water Pressure

A decrease in water pressure can have a few possible causes. Our team can pinpoint the reason for loss of pressure and have it repaired.


All Your Plumbing Needs

Look no further when it comes to any plumbing installation, repair or maintenance work. Our team of qualified experts have the tools and knowledge to assist your plumbing needs.

Bathroom Plumbing

Are you thinking about a bathroom renovation? There’s more to a bathroom renovation than a design makeover, it’s essential to ensure that your new bathroom’s plumbing is correctly installed and functioning. Our team at Whyte Mechanical & Heating have the experience, safety knowledge and the right tools to efficiently work on your bathroom’s plumbing. We can identify plumbing issues early to give you years of problem-free plumbing.

Full Home Repipes

As a homeowner, it’s almost always inevitable that you will face a plumbing issue and sometimes a repair is not enough and you will need to have your entire home repiped. Having your home repiped requires professional and skilled individuals as it is no simple or easy job. From replacing poly-b pipes to resolving blocked drains, we so it all for you. Luckily, our team at Whyte Pluming are backed by years of experience and will make sure you understand the process and help you choose your new pipes.

Video Camera Inspection

Our video cameras are one of our most valuable plumbing tools. They are specifically designed for plumbing and allow our technicians to conduct a visual inspection of underground pipes, including pipes below your home’s foundation. Footage is transmitted to one of our plumbing technicians in real-time, so we can quickly assess the condition of your sewer and drain lines. Plumbing cameras are just one part of our plumbing inspection process.

Digital Smart Shut Off Valves

Stop leaks and prevent damage by installing a digital smart shut off valve and detector. You can control these devices through a smartphone app where it will alert you if a problem is detected. You will be able to turn off your home’s water supply from anywhere. These devices can monitors water flow, water pressure and temperature, and will even pick up small drip leaks. Protect your home by having a member from our team install one of these devices.

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Hear From Our Grateful Clients

I have worked with Conor and his team on multiple projects around Vancouver. They are punctual, honest, and care to educate their clients about their current plumbing situation and how to fix it. Whyte Mechanicals' quality of work is exceptional, and I recommend them to any of the contractors or colleagues we work with daily.

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plumbing you can count on

Hear From Our Grateful Clients

Whyte Plumbing was hired by my landlord to fix a blocked pipe in our rental house. We have had numerous issues in the past with plumbing so I knew we needed a plumber that had a bit more experience and professionalism.

Plumbing Services in Vancouver

plumbing you can count on

Hear From Our Grateful Clients

Whyte Plumbing did 2 jobs for me in my apartment: installation of multiple faucets and replaced & installed new shut off valves in the laundry closet. Helped me to setup and install my new stacking laundry appliances too. Very professional, easy to deal with, great & fair value for amazing work. Highly recommended, will definitely use again if I ever need any plumbing help in the future.

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Looking For A Full-Service Plumber?

Whyte Mechanical & Heating technicians are fully-licensed gas fitters and contractors in British Columbia. We handle installations of fire pits, poly-b pipes, barbecues, patio heaters, gas ranges, gas fitting, and new gas lines. We have done it for many, we can do it for you.