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Furnace installation in west vancouver

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Furnace installation in West Vancouver

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Whyte Mechanical & Heating offers unmatched expertise and service to businesses and residences across Metro Vancouver. We’re constantly streamlining our processes to remain as efficient and effective as possible.

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The H in HVAC refers to heating, usually in the form of a furnace or boiler. This includes a pipe system that carries the heat.

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The V in HVAC refers to ventilation, which comprises the air handler, ducts, return vents, and blower assembly. It replaces or exchanges air within a space.

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Air Conditioning

AC refers to air conditioning. An HVAC unit will heat, cool, and ventilate a space, whereas an AC on its own will only cool.

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At Whyte Mechanical & Heating, our licensed gas fitters and contractors serve the Metro Vancouver area with expertise in HVAC installations, gas fire pits, barbecues, patio heaters, gas ranges, fittings, and new gas lines. Count on us 24/7 for gas leak emergencies.

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Whyte Mechanical & Heating technicians are fully-licensed gas fitters and contractors in British Columbia. We handle installations of fire pits, barbecues, patio heaters, gas ranges, gas fittings, and new gas lines. We are available 24/7 for any gas leaks.